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Photo by Marek Sybal

Michala Rusanukova is a Czech photographer based in Prague, where she used to work for a film production company and discovered her love of photography while working on film sets. In 2012 Michala decided to move to New York City as a direct result of her interest in urban lifestyle. Spending

3 years in New York, she decided to pursue photography as more than a way to preserve her memories, but to make it her career. 

Meanwhile in NYC, Michala studied photography at the New York Film Academy where she was inspired by many different artists and their work. This exposure and training has given her the knowledge and skills needed to turn what was once just a passion to her livelihood.

Michala’s previous experience in modeling has given her a unique perspective in front of, as well as behind the camera. She attributes this experience to what makes her portrait work stand out as she is always aware of what she is trying to get out of each subject. While Michala prefers photographing people in their environment, she is as comfortable working in studio.

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